Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another name for Euthanasia

They give it the guise of religion; but the fact of the matter is that sati is enforced by those who are out to grab the property of the deceased and amass more wealth from its glorification; we saw the Jain version recently in which a woman took her own life by refusing food and water until she died.
The husband first glorified in his wife’s ultimate sacrifice; later fearing the adverse reaction, someone tried to propound that she was dying of cancer and this was a short circuiting of the inevitable trauma to self and family.
How then is it different from euthanasia?
One of the reasons trotted out against it that it could be misused by greedy relatives out to ensure the early demise of a wealthy or landed relative. Is it not already being done under the guise of religion, be it Jain or Hindu or any other where women are given rights on paper, only to have them snatched away in effect

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