Tuesday, September 26, 2006

School Boy Musharaff

Some of the most genuinely amusing moments in recent times have been the shadow boxing between our Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and Pakistan President Musharaff.
There is Musharaff, quick off the mark in shooting his mouth off, ready repartee for every question and many for those not even asked, the darling of the quote hungry media. Lavish promises, usually unfulfilled, ready excuses for failures and the blame for that on everyone else, just like the errant school boy he appears when he is constantly trying to make debating points in his speeches, without actually doing anything concrete for either Pakistan or towards the war against terror.
The Prime Minister is a sharp contrast to the errant schoolboy; rather he is the perfect foil to the bubbling and babbling Musharaff, rapping him on the knuckles for all the world like a school principal would do a schoolboy.
On the way to Havana, while Musharaff waxed eloquent on possible outcomes, Manmohan Singh soberly warned media persons not to expect anything beyond platitudes. Correct, it turned out. He refuses to match Mush raff’s flying with his head in the clouds; instead he remains firmly rooted in the soil and the realities of India’s situation and its needs.
Hats off to Manmohan Singh and his handling of Pakistan’s school boy President

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