Saturday, September 30, 2006

dealing with terrorists

Kusum Choppra

So many aspire for an Indian passport and citizenship. But how many are willing to accept responsibilities and duties along with the privileges of being Indian?
The spectacle in Kashmir is worth noting. They want to be part of the Indian democratic exercise but their leaders shy away from elections every time.
They want the privilege of settling in any part of India and purchasing property there, but do not want any non-Kashmiri India to acquire property in Kashmir.
They want to render all possible assistant to the terrorists, local and those from across the border while making loud accusations of high handedness against the armed forces whose duty is to flush out those militants.
And now they don’t want the Republic of India to carry out a legal sentence against a self confessed terrorist, only because he happens to be Kashmiri. And they have the audacity to threaten that violence and terrorism will be stepped up if that death sentence is carried out.
We have had tragic experience of leniency towards terrorism in the part. Former chief minister, then Home minister, Mufti Mohammed made a deal with terrorist when they kidnapped his daughter. And the NDA government released a set of terrorists who have since become a bane to the Indian state and its people.
Should Afzal be let off, for another hijack drama to be enacted to seek his release and allow him to wage more war against India?

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