Monday, September 18, 2006

Black Pots and Kettles

After the Pope's speech, so many have spoken out in outrage, calling for apologies etc. and some has resorted to actual violence. Does all that have any meaning beyond physical and costly damages that will come out of our pockets, yours and mine? Will the papal sorry wipe out what he has already spoken and has been carried in the media worldwide?
How much more effective would it have been if the leaders of the community had actually taken the time to look up the reference that the Pope quoted and then very authoritatively pointed it out to the media and through media to the Vatican that it was A CASE OF THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BACK. Both Islam and the Catholic Church subscribe to the conversion philosophy. At the sword point or not is beside the point.
If Islam has carried out innumerable brutal conversions, the record of the Church and its savage Inquisitions do not give it the right to speak on that topic at all. That would have effectively shamed and shut up the catholic world.
But no. We must start hollering and ranting and doing public damage that other citizens will pay for. Is it not time that PEOPLE LIKE US made ourselves a little more heard so that things change for the better faster.

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