Saturday, September 30, 2006

dealing with terrorists

Kusum Choppra

So many aspire for an Indian passport and citizenship. But how many are willing to accept responsibilities and duties along with the privileges of being Indian?
The spectacle in Kashmir is worth noting. They want to be part of the Indian democratic exercise but their leaders shy away from elections every time.
They want the privilege of settling in any part of India and purchasing property there, but do not want any non-Kashmiri India to acquire property in Kashmir.
They want to render all possible assistant to the terrorists, local and those from across the border while making loud accusations of high handedness against the armed forces whose duty is to flush out those militants.
And now they don’t want the Republic of India to carry out a legal sentence against a self confessed terrorist, only because he happens to be Kashmiri. And they have the audacity to threaten that violence and terrorism will be stepped up if that death sentence is carried out.
We have had tragic experience of leniency towards terrorism in the part. Former chief minister, then Home minister, Mufti Mohammed made a deal with terrorist when they kidnapped his daughter. And the NDA government released a set of terrorists who have since become a bane to the Indian state and its people.
Should Afzal be let off, for another hijack drama to be enacted to seek his release and allow him to wage more war against India?

Another name for Euthanasia

They give it the guise of religion; but the fact of the matter is that sati is enforced by those who are out to grab the property of the deceased and amass more wealth from its glorification; we saw the Jain version recently in which a woman took her own life by refusing food and water until she died.
The husband first glorified in his wife’s ultimate sacrifice; later fearing the adverse reaction, someone tried to propound that she was dying of cancer and this was a short circuiting of the inevitable trauma to self and family.
How then is it different from euthanasia?
One of the reasons trotted out against it that it could be misused by greedy relatives out to ensure the early demise of a wealthy or landed relative. Is it not already being done under the guise of religion, be it Jain or Hindu or any other where women are given rights on paper, only to have them snatched away in effect

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

School Boy Musharaff

Some of the most genuinely amusing moments in recent times have been the shadow boxing between our Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and Pakistan President Musharaff.
There is Musharaff, quick off the mark in shooting his mouth off, ready repartee for every question and many for those not even asked, the darling of the quote hungry media. Lavish promises, usually unfulfilled, ready excuses for failures and the blame for that on everyone else, just like the errant school boy he appears when he is constantly trying to make debating points in his speeches, without actually doing anything concrete for either Pakistan or towards the war against terror.
The Prime Minister is a sharp contrast to the errant schoolboy; rather he is the perfect foil to the bubbling and babbling Musharaff, rapping him on the knuckles for all the world like a school principal would do a schoolboy.
On the way to Havana, while Musharaff waxed eloquent on possible outcomes, Manmohan Singh soberly warned media persons not to expect anything beyond platitudes. Correct, it turned out. He refuses to match Mush raff’s flying with his head in the clouds; instead he remains firmly rooted in the soil and the realities of India’s situation and its needs.
Hats off to Manmohan Singh and his handling of Pakistan’s school boy President

Security for Amitabh?

Why does Amitabh Bachhan need security cover paid for by the ordinary citizens of India?
Why does a man who earns hundreds of crores from various sources need the exchequer to underwrite his personal security?
No doubt the state provides security for the president, the prime minister and various other state functionaries, depending on the assessment of the threat to them.

But here is a person who is an actor, who had deliberately stepped down from any relationship with the state apparatus, declaring politics to be a cesspool.
Now, befitting his larger than life icon status, why did he not speak up and tell all those buffoons from Allahabad to lay off the silly rhetoric when they bombastically declared that they would ensure state security for him.
Why was no noise made about the downgrading of the security cover to various police officials and to one of the greatest actors that India has produced, one who, in his own way, abides by his social commitments, Dilip Kumar. Is it merely because he came much earlier in an era when actors were not the objects of the sort of marketing that has made an icon out of the Big B?

Monday, September 18, 2006

9/11 sources

Some 75 professors in the US have declared that they see an “inside” hand in the WTC blasts of 9/11.
What does come to the mind immediately is that the Bushes, father and son have proven financial and economic links with the Saudi royals who fund terrorism worldwide as well. Even Osama has a Saudi royal connection.
Although he has been declared personal non-grata by the Saudi royals, the rest of his family has not. So it would prove truly ironical if it is established that the Saudi royals funded the WTC plane crashes as well as the bombs placed inside the towers in collusion with their bush ally on one hand and Osama on the other.
Would that prove a bush-Osama link, which would explain why bush talks so much about him but does not actually kill or capture him? Truly ironical. What says?

Black Pots and Kettles

After the Pope's speech, so many have spoken out in outrage, calling for apologies etc. and some has resorted to actual violence. Does all that have any meaning beyond physical and costly damages that will come out of our pockets, yours and mine? Will the papal sorry wipe out what he has already spoken and has been carried in the media worldwide?
How much more effective would it have been if the leaders of the community had actually taken the time to look up the reference that the Pope quoted and then very authoritatively pointed it out to the media and through media to the Vatican that it was A CASE OF THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BACK. Both Islam and the Catholic Church subscribe to the conversion philosophy. At the sword point or not is beside the point.
If Islam has carried out innumerable brutal conversions, the record of the Church and its savage Inquisitions do not give it the right to speak on that topic at all. That would have effectively shamed and shut up the catholic world.
But no. We must start hollering and ranting and doing public damage that other citizens will pay for. Is it not time that PEOPLE LIKE US made ourselves a little more heard so that things change for the better faster.