Friday, March 12, 2010

Milk price hikes

Amul is first off the block again. Barely had the finance minister made his announcements and Amul announced a price hike for milk and its other products, to give the farmer their dues in anticipation of price hikes in other inputs.
Now there are many of us who want to include our rural countrymen in India's march forward, but at the cost of the daily cup of milk for our own kids? the way Amul has been raising prices at the drop of the hat, the cost has shot to almost double and finding place in monthly budgets of the ordinary, aam aadmi is difficult.
It's either cutbacks on milk or other essentials. Or choices between who should have milk, kids, mothers or senior citizens? or back to the dudhwala and his watered down milk? Doesn't Amul, in any case, "take the shakti out of the milk?"
A friend had sent me an email which I had flipped at that time. Now I wonder why I didn't pay more attention. In an internation survey of breast cancer, it was found that Chinese women have the lowest fatalities. The cause was pinned down to the near absence of milk and milk products from their diet.
With Amul on an eternal rampage, should we start following that example?
In any case, Amul long ago put the farmers' cooperative image on the backburner to give the front burners to political bargaining like any respectable profiteering MNC.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Males Running Scared?

For centuries, it was women who were trodden down by men; and how they reveled in it. in the past less than half a century, women have been moving forward faster than men and breaking glass ceilings by the dozen. And lo and behold, the guys have gotten such a complex they are demanding a 'level playing field'. Why separate awards for best actor and best actress, they ask? Why not just one Best Actor award? So threatened already?
Why not make it just one Best Actress Award then?
In the current trend of young actresses preferring to be known as Actor, my query is:
Why do you fight shy of your feminity and the word Actress? Will the use of the word Actor in any way minimize gender discrimination or the predators of the casting couches?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Food for the Soul

Music and laughter have, down the centuries, been touted as "Food for the Soul".
But our Indian reality TV in search of elusive TRPs have transmorfed them into evil of the worst order:
Sangeet Ka Mahasangram, Laughter Challenges etc etc.
Why must we wreck the food for the soul? Can no one think of more peaceable and sweeter sounding titles for such shows?