Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Patan Rapes

The rape victim at Patan has been fully exposed - all except her name is public knowledge: the names of her parents, her siblings, the village they come from.
What about the six rapists? The media has only revealed their names. Not a single fact beyond that. Are they married? Fathers? Brothers? Who are the parents who reared such evil rapists? Who are their neighbours, their school and college mates, their seniors at Gandhinagar who shielded them, right upto Anandiben Patel, the former education minister of Gujarat?
Why is not media not camping on their respective doorsteps, asking questions of their neighbrs on what sort of boys were they? their teachers, the paan galla from where they bought their cigarettes and masala? their brothers, sisters, wives etc?
Some shrug of media responsibility, saying that police has not revealed their details. Is it not the job of the media to track down the culprits? The female has been identified and crucified effectively already, hasn't she?
No doubt, identifying the background of the men would mean that the families would be subjected to public shame in the media glare. If that has been done to the victim's family, then why not those of the culprits?
Merely because the victim's family is poor and landless and the culprits' are well off??
In that case, if these men and their families were to be exposed on TV and in the papers, as those who reared Rapists, that public shame may put the fear, not of God, but of the public ignominy into other Rapists and would-be rapists.
Otherwise the farce of a magisterial enquiry will carry on for a few months and then the six rapists will be quietly rehabilitated elsewhere to commence their nefarious activities. This time, with a payoff to their superiors, not only in cash but also the sexual kind?