Monday, January 22, 2007

women in humor

Has anyone ever wondered why women are missing from humor when they have made their presence felt in every other field of human endeavour?
We have had women heading our country;there are topnotch police women, writers, artists, administrators, stock brokers, business women etc etc etc. but we have yet to come up with a woman who can make fun of husbands, on the stage as easily as our army of "hasya kavis" make fun of women, especially wives on any and every public platform.
It is quite immaterial whether the ocassion is a laughter competetion, a hasya kavi sammelan or a social gathering. The male of the species will find every excuse to poke fun at his better half, glamorous or otherwise.
The few women who take the stage at mushiaras talk of everything under the sun; but none of them have ever picked up the gauntlet to give back to the males their unholy ribbing. WHY?