Sunday, June 26, 2011


Dust thou art, to dust returnest
Was not spoken of the Soul.
Naa, toh nahi sahi
Par kya karoon main is Soul kaa
Ne chain se jeeta
Ne marne ki ijazat detaa.
Jeete ajo, jeete jao
Chain khokar, mann ko maar kar.
Kyon maaron main apne mann ko?
Kyon nahi maarun doosre ka mann?
Mere mann ke marne se kya hoga
Main ne rahoongi
Ek dukhi kukurti awaaz
Shayad kam hogi.
SHAYAD bola...
Kyon kiu ek aisi awaz jayengi
To dagli doosri ayengi
Pata nahi kahan kahan se aa jaati
Hainhain karti, apna matlab bataane
Aur dusroon ka laksh bhulaane
Chain se jeene ne deti.

The Women's Bill

Bring out the candles and the placards
The sit ins at India Gate or the Rani of Jansi's
Women of India unite
You have nothing to lose but your Patriarchal chains.
They wasted decades in the run up to the Bill
Leth them not now cut it up into a Reservation Pie.
They've stepped up rapes in U P
A minister's niece murdered in A P
Is it to remind us
That men hold up the sky
And women are underneath.
We talk of Arab women debarred from driving
What about the Indian woman's right to Legislate?