God's Printing Errors??

Waah, kya kahen
"With the cover of the sun and the moon
The earth is a beautiful book.
But starvation, poverty and slavery...
God, are these your sermons
Or printing errors?"

The power of thought so vast, Imagination to stir other minds, setting aside the gore her own lifestyle evoked and to Balance five different relationships all her life  is something only achievable  by an AMRITA PRITAM.

That is why 2002 is important for 2019

Something I read last week stayed in my mind and festered:
“….why is 2002 important in 2019? Because it is the crucible of all politics now in India – offering a model of domination and fear now visible everywhere as successful politics. The complicity, guilt, indifference and amnesia of the middle classes resulted in “performative violence” – of boasting about heinous acts committed, now by the lynch mobs who video and circulate to replay violence committed as an example?"
That is why 2002 is important..... What does that say of our society?

After the Ordinance

After those banners, candles, petitions,, rants and slogans,  the slog overs.
What have we in hand? A death penalty. Who will locate the rapist, stand witness for death penalty, for surely the girl will be killed.
Is anyone aware of the volume of studies on death penalties and their actual deterrence value? Especially when murder is cheaper than rape?
What after the Ordinance? Legislation? How?  All those MPs and MLAs are hard boiled politicos, many themselves involved. What would it take to make them vote for a Bill to offer India’s females security?
Did legislation work after Mathura and Nirbhaya.  Read and find out.
Patriarchy has always existed; but from ‘Avuncular’ in the recent past, it has moved  Now to Rabid!
The present lot of ragamuffins and their minders in Parliament will go much beyond That “ cut balonwali” stigmatisation, bolstered by the saffron ladies brigade, to stall any legislation.
Now, if wishes were horses— any those ‘ek Dhaka macro’ brigade were to shift focus …


Sunday morning the center page story of a leading paper talked about what could be a modern version of the Scorched Earth policy of yore, when retreating forces would torch villages and fields to deny resources to conquering enemy forces.  So often in our history and so dramatically by the Russians to foil Napoleon. Until sometime ago, the last villages on our borders were our Defense Forces’  eyes and ears that reported the first signs of intrusion. In the northern areas, having at least one family member in the Forces was a matter of family honor.  Post retirement, ex servicemen, especially the lower ranks with inadequate pensions would settle in ancestral homes and till the soil for an additional living, keeping a wary eye all round their segment of Uttarakhand’s border with China, thanks to ingrained training.     Now, while State data reveals 37 attempted intrusions between  2006 - 2011, in July 2017 alone, twice!
How has this happened?  Because most of these border villages have se…

What about the boys?

Now the Kathua case has been transferred, everyone piously hopes that some semblance of justice,(?) will happen, in how much time, no one can guarantee.
After all that Shor, everyone spoke to females... protect yourself, learn martial arts, carry pepper spray etc, acknowledging that family males cannot protect?
Should women now turn violent, carry acid to throw in their faces or a sharp scissors for a Bobbit? Or what? What about little girls at the hands of family members?
Why is no one thinking of the boys?  Why do they feel the urge to rape ... even babies?
I often wonder: is this a side effect of digital India, with mobiles penetrating where health, education, or even proper roads have not.  So they, the boys have access to PORN... great inspiration!
Add to that the frustration of watching girls snap up top spots in all exams, jobs, laurels, even encroaching into earlier male arenas and making good there, albeit with hard work.
The male encroachment into previously female areas su…

Pitralok congame

The guys who wrote the Ved Purans must have been a real misogynist lot. Hey, wait a minute; didn't the Brahmins do all that transcription, Centuries after their actual creation and oral traditions? Hmmm Brahmins? It figures. Some say, after the release of the soul in cremation, It goes to Pitralok.  This enables a forefather to move to his next birth. Hey!No instant rebirth? Anyways, so grandson releases grandfather, and so on.
Now what about the women? Does grandma also need a grandson? Does it have to be her son’s son or Beti‘s son will do? Or a grand beti will do?Is there any mention? After all in our times when one son is common, What happens to Daadima,Naanima andMausima?  Everyone doesn’t have a son. Some don't have kids at all.If no grandkids, toh? Agar bete ki Beti hai, toh? Agar Beti ka beta hai toh? Uske Dada ka kya hoga? If only one child releases grandpa, what about grandma? Or are women to remain souls floating in ether forever?
Hold on guys. If that happens, What happens to t…

Ladders Against the Sky by Murli Melwani

A Review by Kusum Choppra
The title of Murli Melwani’s collection of short stories should have been “Against Many Skies.”More than half the stories crisscross  India and her myriad cultures; the rest follow the ancestral trading trails beyond India’s borders trod by the hoary ancestors of a unique community, the Sindhis. I was so impressed by the perspectives the stories present that I could nothelp but make brief comparisons of today’sreality with the layers of  literary pastry, appealling to different sensibilities, across numerous boundaries into the hearts of many readers.
“ A Bar Girl.” Atouching story woven around the life styles that both Amar Badlani and Rak have  chosen, that prevent them from stopping and evaluating their lives or asking where there are heading. For me the significant event was  Amar heading for Rak’s village, where it came home to him that his estrangement from his family had its roots in hisworking life. His damage control efforts lead him to financeR…