Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Security for Amitabh?

Why does Amitabh Bachhan need security cover paid for by the ordinary citizens of India?
Why does a man who earns hundreds of crores from various sources need the exchequer to underwrite his personal security?
No doubt the state provides security for the president, the prime minister and various other state functionaries, depending on the assessment of the threat to them.

But here is a person who is an actor, who had deliberately stepped down from any relationship with the state apparatus, declaring politics to be a cesspool.
Now, befitting his larger than life icon status, why did he not speak up and tell all those buffoons from Allahabad to lay off the silly rhetoric when they bombastically declared that they would ensure state security for him.
Why was no noise made about the downgrading of the security cover to various police officials and to one of the greatest actors that India has produced, one who, in his own way, abides by his social commitments, Dilip Kumar. Is it merely because he came much earlier in an era when actors were not the objects of the sort of marketing that has made an icon out of the Big B?

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