Monday, September 15, 2014

The Magic of Bach Remedies

Alternate remedies can be life savers for many ailments, especially emotional ones.
listen to this:

I wonder if my brain would have done alright in moments of misery,
If flowers hadn't come to the rescue,
If the chemicals hadn't been put in perfect milligram balance
By Bach remedies.

The sort of balance that Nature has
The magnum opus of roots and pollens.
Every scent for a purpose.
Every color for a cause.
Somehow aiding the equilibrium of Life.

Steadying the wobble of the heart
When a molecule spins out of control
Or when an atom parades out of turn.
Emotions are elements and compounds.
They feed onus to survive.
And we survive to feed them.

Perhaps Mother wouldn't have had that
Fatal lump in her breast
Had I known of Bach remedies then....
Agrimony and Gentian would have shouldered
Her crushing despair like dutiful sons.

Harsh words would not have scraped her insides hollow
Giving space for tumors to flourish. Perhaps.
The earth speaks to us through its breeze,
Lifts us through its flora.
Chestnuts, Pines, Cherry Plums and more
Are in our reach
Even if love is not.
Nature knows how much the mind endures...
Countryisde stands up well
To unflinching steel and concrete grey.
                                                                Vinita Agrawal

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