Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hindo-Muslims or Muslo-Hindus?

Just read a post  about a village in UP where Hindus and Muslims not only live in harmony but also intermarry uninhibited by regulations of either side.  Forcibly converted by Aurangzeb, they have since learned to life happily with each other..
In my historical novel MASTANI I detailed the brahmin and kshtriya roots of both  Peshwa Baji Rao I and  his second wife Mastani. Yet their offspring were railroaded  into Islam because her mother was muslim.  that happened for  political  and succession  reasons perhaps.  It took three generations for them to actually assimilate Islam.
Two centuries down the line, none other than Lokmanya Tilak invited the muslim branch to Pune to suggest a return to the family fold.  The attempt foundered on Brahmin rocks who demanded : will they become brahmins or ksytriyas?   who will marry their children?
Another century the line to the release of  my MASTANI to bring about a rapprochement between the two branches of the Peshwa family --- on an as is, where is basis with common roots.
Recently I heard about another case somewhere in Rajasthan,  which again spoke of forced conversion during Auranzeb's times.  When they later tried to go back to their roots, the Brahmins put a spoke in the wheel.
Is that not ridiculous?  it is the religions of the Book that believe in conversions, forced or other wise.  Hinduism believes in assimilation....has since Time Immemorial, which is what makes it such a wonderful religion, with blessedness for everyone mind frame, were it not for our lunatic fringe elements who just love love jihad!

When my children were young, they used to call themselves Panglo Sindhi, offspring of a Punjabi dad and a Sindhi mom.  hence that title up there.

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