Tuesday, October 14, 2014


We often talk of how the public suffers when justice is delayed horrendously.
Here is a classic:  justice delayed by almost a quarter of a century for a former chief minister!!   Yes, believe that folks!
He is a former chief minister of Gujarat, a distinguished well informed person whose team planned all the development which has now born fruit as the so called “Gujarat model”.
The gentleman,  Mr. Madhavsinh Solanki had the misfortune of being kicked upstairs to Union Foreign Minister and sent to a Davos summit, which got him involved in the huge furor over Bofors kickbacks.
What exactly happened in those halycon days of the Bofors scandal has never came to light to date. Mr Solanki had handed his political baton to his son and battled severe health issues.  Now, finally, after the Bofors case was nixed in Delhi’s courts, he managed to secure a hearing for his petition challenging the accusations against him and
The fact that the delay of 22 years has been a violation of his fundamental right to have a speedy trial.
All would be litigants, please note the additional ammunition being offered to you!!
Let’s see how long or how short this case will carry on.

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