Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hindu Muslim Sisterhood

This morning I shared an expose on Hindu monogamy and then got thinking.
On paper Hindu women have as many, if not more rights than Muslim ladies. The key words are: ON PAPER.
As a matter of fact, how many women actually claim their inheritance?  How many ask for khulla (Islamic divorce asked for  by the lady)? How many get it or divorce if married under the Special marriages Act?
A man doing reluctant ‘justice’ to an unwanted wife would be perhaps more distasteful than total neglect. Dealing with  a ‘saut; is never a pleasant(Sic) exercise. Social and family pressures are as onerous on both sides.
Instead of pointing fingers at each other, it may make more sense to come together as a sisterhood aiming at enlightening society to the incremental benefits of a more level playing field between men and women.
In this, it is women across all social and other divisions who can play a decisive role as mothers and grandmothers in instilling in tender minds respect for all, especially the female of the species; teaching our boys that their sisters are their equals,  that bhabhis, cousins and later wives are not for bullying and beating etc.  Cut out all that bull  about stepmothers, about saas bahu and bhabhi nanad, about aurat hi aurat ki dushman etc. etc. 
That new outlook could perhaps even rebound onto the older men … at least some, if not many?

New Year mean new beginnings, doesn’t it.

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