Monday, March 23, 2009

Africa's "Clouds of Evil"

Pope Benedict XVI sees “clouds of evil” over Africa, which he says have reduced the poor to slavery and deprived future generations of the resources needed to create a more solid and just society.
Not a word of apology for the role played by the community he heads in creating that situation and those clouds. Is there any doubt that Africa has been ruined economically and socially by not only the colonists, the neo-colonists but also the missionaries, bringing their own brand of religion and polluting style of living to stamp out civilizations that had developed over millennia?
Is it not an open question that had perhaps they been allowed to survive, they may have done as well as other countries across the globe which have achieved ‘developing’ tag rather than the ‘under developed ‘ one where natural resources are still being looted by developed countries which dump their goods on them.

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