Friday, May 30, 2008

Whither Technology

Whither Technology?

Any visit to a doctor, with the most innocuous of ailments, is inevitably followed by a series of tests, the path. Lab., X-ray House, ECG etc. etc. until the results come in, the doc will offer some palliative only, A Placebo?
Why do modern day docs, after all those exhaustive training, 6 years for MBBS, 2 for MD and then another three for the M.CH, still require the crutch of various test results to tell the patient what the problem is?

Where are those who used to tell the patient the problem by looking at their eyes or ears, fingers, nails or feeling the pulse?
Nowadays “qualified” doctors rely on the verdict of a lab. technician to determine the problem of the patient!!
It seems the advent of technology has rendered doctors quite clueless in their own arenas.

In a related one, investigators rely more and more on forensic science’s advanced tools in brain mapping and lie detectors…only to have people still beat their systems.
Are they actually so out of touch with their own native intuitive powers that they need these high tech tools to resolve each and every crime?

And yet, the biggest ones get away, unless cornered by public opinion campaigns.
Tera Kya Hoga Technology?

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to believe this is more a case of white collar professionals covering their proverbial 'ass'; in the event that their 6 years of professional training (for want of better words) lets them down, they resort to the safety net of a diagnostic test confirming or disproving their theory. This of course then begs the question; why bother with a doctor, why not just cut out the middle man and enlist the services of an unmanned diagnostic kiosk :) - cr