Friday, May 16, 2008


This is the dry season. Summer’s heat keeps most indoors, glued to the TV screens which have turned dry too. All the soaps are at a virtual standstill. It is painfully obvious that their script writers are stumped and don’t know what to do with their characters.
On the so-called reality shows scene, the less said the better about the imagination of people who turn music which is supposed to usher in peace and quiet and restoration of the soul, into Wars of Music. The language spoken by their propagandists makes one reach for the mute button, rather than listening to the war mongering of Music.
Movies are a let down with all producers latching on to identical themes of 2-3-4 heroes performing ridiculous antics, with the heroines reduced to bit players of no substance. What happened to all those multiplex movies and the song writers and musicians? Has Indian talent dried up, along with the influx of the American league style cricket which monopolizes evening TV?
Who will now contest that men were as great, if not greater fans of the saas-bahu soaps, as women, since the advent of IPL cricket has rung the death knell of the TV soaps?

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satn said...

so true ...all the trps are down its ipl which is the flavour of season.but i admire ekta the way she kills her characters and the resurrects them...cheers