Saturday, May 03, 2008

Afghanistan Again?

This morning, a TV headline read “US eyes Afghanistan again”.
Why is the US again eyeing Afghanistan? Since the politics of the Taliban and al Qaeda has already been exposed fully, there is now a lesson in international economics there.
The US got over its Great Depression, largely thanks to the influx of orders for its industry during the Second World War. The end of the War saw the US Aid Industry give its economy an unbelievable boost which lasted well into the Cold War and made it the richest country in the world, along with conferring its Super Powerdom.
It was only when countries flooded with US aid which brought them American goods and took away their resources and their sovereignty, started rejecting that aid that the US economy started taking a sharp downturn. The largely man-made wastes in Africa, along with war torn Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Afghanistan and Iraq are living witness to American misadventures.
The American economy has now touched its pits possibly. Hence the prospects of renewed adventures into a country already pulverized by US Air Force and its bombs. Once again the cycle of aid to gouge out the aided country’s innards to feed the American economy?

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