Saturday, September 12, 2015

Potel Land?

Nagaland,  Bodoland, Khalistan. Eelam and now Potelland ….every time such movements aimed at tearing India apart do not come from mere hot figure heads, like Hardik Patel.
They are largely funded by those who fled, rather than cope with the problems of the Motherland – who now look back and see India is progressing and carrying her past and present with her into the future.   They rage and curse their decision and then find ways of funding movements to pull India back from the path of progress.
Hence the unedifying spectacle of the Patels who spearheaded the demand to do away with reservations -- for those who had suffered centuries of neglect --- now demanding reservations for themselves.  
Those who have almost taken over the motel trade in the US are now demanding reservations in India, threatening to march to the UN, in their BMWs and Toyotas perhaps, and refuse to pay taxes. 
Even a call to withdraw money from banks. When did Patels keep the bulk of their cash in banks?

For what? A few extra medical or engineering seats that  are reserved and taken by students who score just a couple of percentage points less than the general category students these days!!
Were the authorities foolish enough to give in to the Patel demands,  how many of the Patel newly minted medicos would actually go to serve out their six months internship in rural  areas.    They do sign bonds to do so, but how many pay up front to skip the rural stint?

Who then will serve in the villages?  Who will make the difference in that arena?  Potels?

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