Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Mastani take vindicated

Finally the truth of Mastani is coming out, thanks to painstaking research which took more than two decades of scratching patiently for the tiniest of clues. yes, it took me more than two decades to get behind the actual story of Baji Rao and Mastani's lives and deaths, wiping away the falsehoods that had been attached to both of them - in their persona and the deaths. it has given me tremendous satisfaction to see this speaking tree clip that affirms the truth, rather than perpetuating false myths.

Sept 9, 2015, carried a video story of Peshwa Bajirao I in which 6 of the 12 clips reaffirmed my blasting of the myths surrounding Bajirao and Mastani, including their lives and deaths --quoting from my book Mastani a Rupa publication of 2012.

Hard on the heels of that came endorsements from Manjula Tekal, a US based scholar of maratha history and Dr. Usha Ram a Pune based scholar

"An able warrior and administrator, Mastani was done great disservice by being
edited out of the legitimate Maratha history, to be relegated to a ‘muslim dancing
girl status’ who won consistent mention.
“Mastani” is a revelation of the facts regarding the real Mastani...
As often happens with historical events and facts, Mastani’s life & times were
veiled by political writers for political purposes.
Ms Choppra rent the veil, delving into several undeclared records to reach the
truth about Baji Rao's Mastani...
In Maharashtra, 'Mastani” is talked about, popularly, for her beauty which  was,
perhaps  on account of her fair skin than beauty in features and looks!
Her role in her husband's life , in his administration had been ignored.
My perception of her is that she must have been a good administrator,
assisting him as long as long as was possible.....
Records may need to be re-evaluated and substantiated to reveal
'Mastani’: the Lady behind Peshwa Bajirao I: a strong, able, determined

administrator than his reported keep…."

Last but not least, a  three page spread titled The Mastani Mystery in various editions of the TOI's Mirror editions in which yours truly was quoted as 'biographer of Mastani' , endorsing the stands I took on the basis of long research and an emotional connect with Mastani and her tragedy.

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