Friday, March 13, 2015

The Evolution of Disrespect

Down the ages, despite the claims of our purists classical  exponents, the biggest purveyor of contemporary Indian culture has been  films, of all regional languages, but especially Hindi cinema.
From classics depicting old world romance and naïve optimism of the new Indian republic,
= to the Shammi Kapoor era of teasing the girl till she succumbs to his romantic flamboyance, with that almost statutory one rape per film for Pran, Prem and Ranjit and a weepy mother/sister/bhabhi plus  autocratic father/ grandmother,
= to the SRK era with its “yeh kudiyaan, nashe ki puriyan, yeh munde galli ke gunde” of comfort with abusing each other , or is it disrespect?
= to the current  ‘bidi jalaile” and “patade missed call se”  and mandatory gang rapes

All have steadily  pushed modern ‘cultural / social’ values down to rock bottom, allowing modern working girls as loose characters,  boys showing off their manhood with rapes etc.   how much has all this acted as the catalyst in young minds to play out in real life what they see on the screen? 

Who will dare to stand up and acknowledge this?

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