Monday, November 09, 2009

medical fiefdoms

Medical specialists have taken over our bodies to carve out their personal fiefdoms: the gastroentrologists who know about nothing but the stomach, not even the spleen next door, the nephrologists, urologists, diabetic specialists, ophtalmologists, orthopaedics, the cardiac guys who know of nothing else but the heart etc etc. in days to come, we can anticipate a doctor who only knows about the mitral valve of the heart, or only the left nostril or the right thumb or only the medula oblangata and nothing else.
No one knows of anything but their specialities but all of them to a man are totally dependent on the radiologists and the pathologists to make their diagnosis...otherwise it is no go.
And woe betide the person who has a pain in a region of the body where is no bone or special organ for some medico to specialise in. May be, the patient may just find himself being packed off to a psychiatrist to examine his head for daring to experieince such an unspecialisable pain!!


Haddock said...

I know of an excellent Dr who is now practicing in Botswana, because he was fed up of the "cut" system that was being practiced here in India. (you send the patient to me for reference and I will give you a cut on my earnings)

Kusum Choppra said...

when were you in Pune? I studied in Hutchings till 1966 and college therafter before shifting out after marriage.