Monday, November 09, 2009

Have we lost before winning

Time was when Women's strength was in Multi tasking. That helped them to break the Glass ceilings.
But beyond the Glass Ceiling, women have gotten so involved in managementese, in becoming part of the boys' clubs and networks, that they've forgotten their separate identity and strength; forgotten to remain in touch with their feminine roots, forgotten all about multi tasking which was their USP.
Why must women emulate men who have failed and brought the world to this stage of ruin? why must corporate women be as sartorially male as they can get, subsuming their feminity? will that help enhance efficiency?
Witness the women in banking. They occupy all the rarified top echeleons in the RBI, the ICICI, HDFC etc etc. And sitting in those rarified atmoshphere, hitherto manned entirely by males, they have forgotten their inherent feminity and chosen to emulate the maledom to preside over horrendous price rises in common needs to chase that elusive 'profit ratio'. Since they no longer run their kitchens presumably, they are unaware that even when inflation was down to zero, prices of veggies and groceries were on the constant march upwards with full support for the biggies in retail and the markets.
Where then is the difference between the guys and the gals?

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