Sunday, November 01, 2015

Sun rise in Abu

One morning, after innumerable years,
I watched the entire gamut of a sun rise over the hills…

That awesome sight of a a still, chilled night
Sprinkled with the glitterati of the night stars
Never visible in polluted Ahmedabad.

The rising of a slow glimmer of light
Accompanied by the plaintive cry of a loudspeaker fed azaan.
Atop the sky sparkled two stars
One atop the other
Way above the dark horizon.
Then a glimmer of a pale copper, or was it saffron or orange
Varying shades rose in strings and strips.
At times eerily resembling the Rings of Saturn
Straddling the guardian peaks of Abu.

It was a long way to sunrise
Abu’s Rings of Saturn changed color and shape
Now ring formations;  now climbing Sirius ones and others
As the morning mist enveloped the entire city down below.

We waited.  My daughter and I
Taking deep breaths of the clear cold mountain air
Looking around  as dark shapes around came alive
Into rocks surrounded by variegated greens.
At   the stunning terrace garden  below
With the wrought iron furniture symbolic of the good life of long ago.

Hearing the peals of the temple bells; those of the boarding schools
The rising chirps of a numerous variety of birds
The raucous craw of the crows again after ever so long
And the stillness of the Nakki lake further below
Until finally the cool fresh mountain air started to warm
And the Sun rose majestically through the hills
To cast all before it in dark shadow
Before light shone free over all.

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