Thursday, April 30, 2015

Marital Rape and our ostrich GOI

The Government Of India has just decided not to give women any relief from Marital Rape, with those tired old excuses of the sanctity ( really ?) of the  so-called sacrament that leads to (more often Disastrous) marriages,  to uphold a Society already fractured by the ancient and modern evils.
As usual the first claim is of upholding an ancient label  “Marriage is a sacrament, a ritual”, with the belief that it is unique to our culture.
Sorry to disappoint you, GOI’s self appointed defenders of Marital Rape.  You have competition, severe competition, even if we don’t have exact figures.
South Carolina in the US of A., sees 1 woman dead every 12 days, more than 300 in the last three years.  That is more than their soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The women were killed by their own men, whether boy friends, ex or current husbands.
The most common reason quoted for their not quitting when domestic violence crosses a critical threshold is that they took their marriage vows very seriously, especially the one that says “….. till Death do us part.”
The bright side of that picture is that steps are being taken to address this very real social problem across that whole country, with varied success in other states, even a nil death return in one state.
 Our heads remain, ostrich-like, stuck in the sand.

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