Sunday, August 03, 2014

Sex education and Indian values?

 It appears that a 2009 parliamentary committee headed by Dr. Venkiah Naidu held that introducing sex education in schools would corrupt Indian values.    
What Indian values are we standing up for here?
Family males, school teachers, principals and other 'honorable' figures ravaging nubile young girls they should be nurturing?      Young gali ke gunde gang raping any young woman they can lay their hands on?

Going back to our hoary traditions, values means that in order to secure the throne for her offspring Saytavati insisted on a vow from Bhism, that  landed Aryavrat in deadly fratricide…. what we call Mahabharat.
We see the same Bhism kidnapping a trio of sisters for his inept brother ….. honestly a comedy of errors if it has not been so tragic, with one princess   shuttled back  and forth until she commits suicide with a vow for vengeance on Bhism, later fulfilled in the Mahabharat itself.
The inept brother dies and Satyavati calls in her brother Rishi Vyas as surrogate to impregnate her bahus,  polite term 'niyoga;  impolite surrogacy, not of  the womb but of the penis.  Products: the blind Drthirashtra, child of the lady who shut her eyes at the sight of Vyas, the pale Pandu of the lady who paled at his sight and the peppy Vidura from the servant who obliged willingly.     
Ditto later with Kunti who obliges her husband Pandu by calling on various 'Gods" to do the needful for her and her 'co-wife' to produce the five Pandavs, righteous alright, but………
Sex courses through our ancient text, as it is basic to human nature, is it not?   the sheningangs of the Gods and their Apsaras, the Rishis and their wives  and others, the Mahabharat's various stories, Ganga, Kunti, Draupadi and so many others, the other wives of the Pandavs etc. etc. etc.  Premarital sex was  as much heard of then as it is now. 
Should we not be educating our young people about it and how to cope, rather than shut our eyes with  Gandharian  silk?  

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