Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kangana is Queen

Kangana Ranaut's Queen was a wonderful experience. 
How deeply ingrained are our prejudices against ourselves? 
That aspect was brought out so well in the beginning with Kangana's reaction to her rejection and her first day in Paris.
 How did she find the courage to go for her dream honeymoon by herself? to make friends with the Chamber maid and then make a buddy of her? to go off on her own and made friends across the board and yet retain her own innate dignity? discover her own sense of fun and capacities.
It was a mind blowing experience. 
Thank you whoever was the director and Kangana for that performance.
Perhaps the piece d' resistance was her so very dignified insistence that "we'll talk about it later" and then finally quietly handing him his rang and walking out so full of poise and confidence in herself.
Full on Kangana.  five stars.

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