Thursday, May 09, 2013

BJP: Mughal clones?

Does it sound like a totally preposterous comparison: of the BJP to the Mughals?   But there it is, the BJP has just done what the Mughals did centuries ago.
Once past their prime, the Mughals oversaw the demise of Hindustan, first losing the south and letting administration slide.
In our times, the BJP rose swiftly to take Delhi and spread its wings across the country. Slowly those wings lost wind; its southern bastion, Karnataka took the sting out of the BJP’s neta-speak, rather raving and ranting about corruption and scams. Now Karnataka has firmly rejected the BJP, actually opting for the ‘scam prone’ Congress instead.  
One wonders: was it a mere coincidence that all the scams crept out of the woodwork while BJP was facing voter rejection?   Were the BJP years all that scam free or it is mere Congressi forebearance that has kept those worms inside the wood work still?
The BJP mughals have not only lost the south first in their retreat from power.  They have actually set something of a record in non governance.  The last lok sabha has been found to be the least productive in history, just like the reigns of the later mughals, almost entirely thanks to the BJP’s tactical determination not to let it function. The party stalwarts are so scared of debate that they chose to disrupt proceedings all the time, so that nothing can be discussed, unless it is raising the pay and perks of MPs.
FDI, land reform, police reform, corruption, food for all, whatever – for the BJP it made no difference whether business suffered, the poor or something they had initiated themselves.  The only concern apparently is the paralysis of administration with spice in the media and on twitter – as if that is all there is to India, Bharat, Hindustan, you pick the name, for what is there in a name? India or a rose remains a rose by any name.

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