Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Re Dola Re, Dola Re, Dola Re, Dola.....

I have been fascinated by the magical Dola Re dance ever since I first saw it on a big screen.  Never could decipher its allure until recently, after catching it for the umpteenth time on TV.
Here are two beautiful women, dancing gloriously for themselves and enjoying every moment of it in pure joy, taking pleasure in themselves and their dance.  That the piece has been magnificently choreographed only adds to the viewer pleasure.  The lyrics are not the key to the performance.
It is the sheer enjoyment in the dance of two women from vastly different backgrounds, who love the same man and know that neither of them can have him; ……deciding to let that regret be and just revel in their feeling of joy at being in love;  and being friends;  and being free to sing and dance their joy in what should have been an all-woman moment.  
The follow-on was of course, filmy drama.  How else would the story move forward?  But those moments of unadulterated joy,  at losing themselves  in song and dance  were a masterpiece which have their own corner in my heart.  Lucky women! who have such opportunities and grab them with both hands.
dola re

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