Saturday, September 18, 2010

How about a campaign to bring Laluji back into the keeping a stormy petrel in absentia more important than a maverick ally who brings in trains on time and shows a profit from it too?
After almost two years plus, I travelled in a train was a terrible experience for one who had gotten used to better. I remembered with more than some affection the young men who used to clean up the compartment, visible and adequate hygiene in the bathrooms and fresh bed clothes.
This time, the Gujarat Mail was dirty, the Deccan Express tremendously and olfractorily unbearable. In its chair car, when the table was taken down for breakfast, the accumalated filth on the back of the chair in front destroyed breakfast appetite.
Whatever happened to the routine baths given to trains at the end of each run. I wondered.
Is defeating the Reds in Kolkatta's Writers' building more important than efficiency in the largest Railway network in the world?

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