Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bhopal Bleeding Hearts

Perhaps the oil slick in the US came at the wrong time. Or perhaps the wrong time was that of the final judgement in the Bhopal Gas Leak case which had malingered for 26 years.
For it revived the spirits of the Bhopal Bleeding Hearts with a loud bang. The debate over the quantum of compensation has sparkled all over again, with an eye on the figures that the Obama administration is demanding from BP.
No, I do not have anything against our own affected Indians getting some more money to pay for the woes that Union Carbide so callously struck into them.
My plea is for those vociferous bleeding hearts to please do some sincere checking: amongst the lists of affected and beneficiaries are any number of persons who just happened to be out of Bhopal that fatal night, but are listed residents. To this day, pensions are drawn by some residents of the affected areas, perhaps, just perhaps depriving those who were actually affected....a situation akin to the names of big shots showing up in the lists of residents and owners in Mumbai's Dharavi slum.

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