Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shreesanth controversy

Shreesanth may be a junior but is he really that ignorant about the realities of cricket, especially big time cricket, that he has taken pungas with the senior players?

Every cricket novice knows that that even after “seniors” finally retire, they still carry enough clout to wreck any promising junior via their new avatars in the commentary boxes, the bak bak panels or the selection committees. Remember Shivaramakrishna, who has only recently started being seen again?
Just because M S Dhoni got away with keeping the seniors out of his Twenty20 team, can every young player follow on against those holy cows?

While the world and his wife is shouting from the roof top that corruption has to be eliminated from the bureaucracy, it is obvious that corruption is making new inroads. Witness the senior players carrying on despite injuries, bad health etc.
Why? All because of the lolly obviously. The older they get, the heftier are their advertising contracts and the longer their obligations to the advertisement companies, which are obviously dependent on their place in the team.
If they are dropped, the amount lost would be massive enough for desperate negotiations to stay in the team, come hell come high water? Or a spreading of the lolly all around?

As a nation addicted to stupidities, we sit and listen to all that cover up nonsense on our TV screens where a slap between two players is of more consequence than the overlooking of the Defense services in the latest pay commission.

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