Friday, December 14, 2007

Woe India

Woe to India:
The day that the netas ambitions overshadow national interests. Sixty years ago, the Father of the Nation wanted to see his Jawaharlal become Prime Minister before he died. Lo and behold, India took birth as a truncated state, scoured by the ravages of mass murder in the Partition.
We then had a prime minister, Vajpayee who aspired to a Nobel Peace Prize. Was that perhaps why we were maneuvered through a “war” and later a grandstand peace with Pakistan, which was aborted thanks to the machinations reputedly by his own team mate?
Now we are witness to another desperate bid for prime ministership (before I die) attempt. The dramatic announcement of a prime ministerial candidate when no elections have been called, the self same candidate whose candidature was refuted the last time it was raised, by the “elder statesman and former prime minster” who has not yet accepted the candidature. Only been said to have done so, by sources!
The same sources who have perhaps released the desperate election-eve endorsement of Narendra Modi by Atal Bihari Vajpayee who has hitherto been resolute in not doing so. So long as the advertisement does its election eve magic, what does it matter if the Leader later refutes it, eh? Many Gujaratis will recall that in the aftermath of the 2002 Godhra genocide, Vajpayee had mourned “What face will I take abroad?” right here in Ahmedabad. A few weeks later, at a party show, he did his famous about turn, refusing to acknowledge any wrongdoing in Gujarat.
Why this Advani desperation? Is it merely to achieve prime ministership or perhaps to ward off the latent threat from the Hindutva fury he himself unleashed first on India and then on Gujarat, which now threatens to overtake and outstrip him?

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