Friday, November 07, 2014

Kutchi King ready to cross ocean

If music be the food of love, play on!   Said the Bard.
In our times, he would say
IF food be the music of blogs, Blog On..
Ha Ha!!
Bloggers and foodies got together to admire a new generation evolution in fast foods that is happening in  right in Ahmedabad.

Imagine, taking apart the economic models of MacDonalds and KFC, central purchase, central kitchen et all, perked up with a minimal franchise fee and putting them together in a desi model to dish out economy priced yet filling Desi Fast Foods, from desi looking premises rather than fancy Restaurants with their overheads pricing them out of your daily pocket,
All this from KUTCHI KING  outlets reaching out from Ahmedabad to out of Gujarat…may be soon Dubai ………….Here comes KK for your desi palates!

Kutchi King is evolving all the time.  After the urges for hygienic bataka vadas, dhabeli, vada pau, bread pakoras et all,  now come the ground breaking Chinese Burger with fried noodles,  Aallu Tikka Burger and an onion-capsicum-cheese one for European palates.
And a cosy corner for bloggers to vent in the real world before venturing into the virtual one.

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