Friday, February 01, 2013

Last week at the Jaipur Literature Festival, I met up with my former paper, Rajasthan Patrika and a little piece was done on Mastani, how it came about and the role of Mastani in the politics of those times and in Baji Rao's life. Plus inevitable questions about JLF.
Wonderful to see young people so cued in on national interests and issues and asking such perceptive questions which has some of the panelists stumped too!!
One thing came thru loud and clear. here we are all full of the development happening in Gujarat and how far we have come. JLF was a national festival with plenty of international analysts as well expounding on national issues, political, social, economic and literary.
Sadly we gujjus dont figure anywhere. in development they talked of UP and Bihar racing ahead. literary and politically, gujarat drew a blank. sad but true.

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